Optimise and facilitate your decision making by referring to relevant information on wine sales and consumer pattern information.

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SmartCave Today

Wine lovers’ favourite app

SmartCave is a mobile app designed for wine lovers and fanatics who are looking to improve their wine cellar management.
Thousands of users take advantage of mobile apps to manage their stock and rate their wine. This data is a direct representation of market conditions and consumer trends.

For Wine Professionals

Dashboard: wine consumption trends and patterns.

This statistical tool allows users to consult a database of over 5,000,000 French and foreign wines and to get relevant information from it on sales and consumption patterns, therefore optimising and facilitating decision making.


- Facilitate and optimise decision making for each wine
- Control prices and range
- Identify markets and get to know them better
- Strengthen consumer relations

A Dashboard for Everyone

View and export
top wines
different retail prices for consumers
historical data of wine entry dates
wines still in the cellar
wine reviews and ratings
sales and consumption data
identify the consumer profile
the peak of each wine

Advanced Research

View wines with custom filters
  • Key words
  • Classification
  • Country
  • Type of wines
  • Region
  • Color
  • Sub Region
  • Size
  • Type of appellation
  • Rating

Consumer Trends

Filter your searches according to user profile.
  • By location
  • By gender
  • By age
  • By user level
  • By occupation

Qualitative Traceability of Wines

Client and worldwide wine consumer profile identification.
  • Understand their purchasing process
  • View customer reviews and ratings
  • Understand their consumption trends

Top wines

Check out the best wines by region, appellation, etc...

Wine rankings :

  • Most purchased
  • Most consumed
  • Still in cellar
  • Top rated

marketing campaigns

You wish to sell your wines and reach new clients?

Target and email your marketing campaigns by selecting relevant customer profiles based on specific tastes and consumer preferences.

We only target users who wish to receive offers from our business partners thus making your marketing campaigns pertinent, successful and profitable.

Imagine that you wish to sell a great Italian wine to wine lovers aged between 30 and 80 years old who live in the Paris region.

Thanks to our system this is now possible. Our tool would target and extract details from our database of wine cellar owners who fit your required profile.

In this case we would select male and female wine lovers, aged between 30 and 80 years old who live in the Paris region and who have already bought Italian wines. We would then electronically forward on details of your commercial offers.

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